Q1) What is the procedure to order Cheap Sildenafil Canada?

A1) The medicine can be ordered by 3 ways namely online, phone along with fax.

Q2) Is it necessary to have prescription to buy Cheap Sildenafil Canada medicines?

A2) It is important to furnish prescription from a registered doctor to get the required medication. The medicines that are provided according to the prescription are signified by a special mark namely Rx while over the counter medicines is denoted by OTC.

Q3) What is the mode of sending prescription for Cheap Sildenafil Canada medicines?

A3) One can send the prescriptions either through email, snail mail and fax. Contact address is as follows: [email protected]

Q4) Is the company engaged in only selling Cheap Sildenafil Canada medication or it procures from other sources?

A4) Cheap Sildenafil Canada medicines are not only sourced from the registered pharmacies in Canada but also from quality centers from all over the globe which are certified by the respective governments.

Q5) Do Cheap Sildenafil Canada medications sourced from other countries manufactured in Canada?

A5) No they are not because Canadian medicines are only sent from the selected dispensaries located in the country. The medicines send from other countries are sourced from the affiliated pharmacies located across the world.

Q6) State the difference between the generic versions of Cheap Sildenafil Canada medications and branded versions?

A6) Generic version of Cheap Sildenafil Canada medication is cost effective as compared to its branded cousin. The key similarity between the two versions is that both medicines are same according to the composition of the active ingredients however the inactive composition might be different. Intellectual copyright compels the company to change the shape and the size of the medicines so that they do not look the same.

Q7) What is the guarantee that generic versions of Cheap Sildenafil Canada medications are secure?

A7) The generic versions of the medications are as effective as the branded versions as it provides same quantity of active substances into the blood stream of the body. Therefore, they offer similar benefits and similar risks to the patients.

Q8) What are the shipping costs for sending Cheap Sildenafil Canada medicines?

A8) Generally the company charges 10$ for sending packages of medicines,

Q9) What is the policy for returning Cheap Sildenafil Canada medicines?

A9) Since the medicines are sold only after prescription is furnished; it is not possible to return them. Moreover, it is a well known fact that all medications are sourced from high quality affiliated pharmacies all round the globe.

Q10) What is the total time duration of the delivery?

A10) The total time duration of the delivery of Cheap Sildenafil Canada medication might take from 10 to 18 business days to reach the intended destination.

Q11) Why it takes so long to deliver the Cheap Sildenafil Canada medicines?

A11) The products delivered within US reach the intended destination quickly however the medications arrive outside from the country. They are stuck up in the customs for the subsequent approval. Every day millions of goods are imported into US and they need to be checked by the customs department. Therefore, the time duration is long.

Q12) What are the modes of payment?

A12) You can either pay through master or visa card. One can also pay by personal checks and also international money orders.

Q13) What is the maximum number of prescription categories available for the users?

A13) Prescription for narcotics and controlled drugs are not entertained by the company.

Q14) Is it possible to order medicine for the pets?

A14) yes medicine is delivered for the pets subject to prescription by the doctor.

Q15) Is insurance valid for buying Cheap Sildenafil Canada medications?

A15) No, the company only accepts master, visa card along with personal checks only.

Q16) Is the medicine send to other countries apart from United States?

A16) Yes, the medicine is send to different countries around the world. Total shipping charges are approximately 25 dollars.

Q17) Is overnight shipping available for the users?

A17) No, for sending Cheap Sildenafil Canada medicines, only regular shipping is available.