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  • 2016-01-28
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Are you suffering from the troubles of erectile dysfunction? Getting weak or soft erections can make your sexual intercourse difficult. You may not enjoy as much as you desire and may even not satisfy your partner. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a common sexual disorder reportedly found in men.

At some point of their age, almost every man suffers from the syndromes of ED. This syndrome is most noticed in men after an age of 40 to 45. After this age, the testosterone hormones tend to reduce from the body and thus the person faces difficulty in a strong erection. This is the physical reason behind natural ED in men. However due to extreme improper life style, men below this age group also suffer from ED. Too much consumption of alcohol or smoking causes severe syndromes of ED. Flow of blood to the penis is restricted in men with such addiction. Thus the hardness in erection is absent. The libido is reportedly less with lesser ejaculatory control. Other psychological reasons like depression, anxiety or stress can lead to ED in men. Viagra is the commonly used drug in treating ED in men. Proper dosage of Viagra pills enables the penis to get harder and maintain erection for longer. However there are other ways of correcting the problem.


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